I am making a simple shell script which will minimize the time I spend in searching all directories under a parent directory and grep some things inside some files. Here's my script.


cd "$MainDir"

for dir in $(ls); do

grep -i "STAGE,te_start_seq Starting" "$dir"/his_file | tail -1 >> /home/xtee/sst-logs.out

if [ -f "$dir"/sysconfig.out];
    grep -A 1 "Drive Model" "$dir"/sysconfig.out | tail -1 >> /home/xtee/sst-logs.out
    grep -m 1 "Physical memory size" "$dir"/node0/setupsys.out | tail -1 >> /home/xtee/sst-logs.out


The script is supposed to grep the string STAGE,te_start_seq Starting under the file his_file then dump it sst-logs.out which it does. My problem though is the part in the if statement. The script should check the current directory for sysconfig.out, grep drive model and dump it to sst-logs.out if it exists, otherwise, change directory to node0 then grep physical memory size from setupsys.out and dump it to sst-logs.out. My problem is, it seems the if then else statement seems not to work as it doesn`t dump any data at all but if i execute grep manually, i do have data.

What is wrong with my shell script? Is there any more efficient way in doing this?

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if [ -r "$dir"/sysconfig.out ];

Notice the whitespace between t and ].

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