If I run lpinfo -m I get a list of PPD files available on my system:

$ lpinfo -m
lsb/usr/xerox/xrx7855.ppd Xerox WorkCentre 7855
foomatic-db-ppds/Xerox/xrx133.ppd Xerox WorkCentre Pro 133 v3015.103 PS
foomatic:Xerox-WorkCentre_XK35c-lex5700.ppd Xerox WorkCentre XK35c Foomatic/lex5700

Of these three examples, I can manually find the path to the PPD of the first two:

lsb/usr/xerox/xrx7855.ppd                   -> /usr/share/ppd/xerox/xrx7855.ppd 
foomatic-db-ppds/Xerox/xrx133.ppd           -> /usr/share/foomatic/db/source/PPD/Xerox/xrx133.ppd
foomatic:Xerox-WorkCentre_XK35c-lex5700.ppd -> ???

When I want to add a new printer using a specific PPD, I can't use the output of lpinfo:

$ lpadmin -p foo -P foomatic-db-ppds/Xerox/xrx133.ppd -v 'smb://example.org/foo'
lpadmin: Unable to open PPD "foomatic-db-ppds/Xerox/xrx133.ppd": Unable to open PPD file on line 0.
lpadmin: Unable to open PPD file "foomatic-db-ppds/Xerox/xrx133.ppd" - No such file or directory

But using the path works:

$ lpadmin -p foo -P /usr/share/foomatic/db/source/PPD/Xerox/xrx133.ppd -v 'smb://example.org/foo'

Is there a way to add a printer using a specific PPD by using the output of lpinfo?

If not directly, can I translate the output of lpinfo to a path and how would I use foomatic:Xerox-WorkCentre_XK35c-lex5700.ppd?

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