The GRUB welcome message appears, and disappears after a moment, then there is a blank screen. However, it still responds to Ctrl+Alt+Del, in the same way as this question.

My issue has all of the symptoms of when GRUB was installed for BIOS instead of UEFI, but my motherboard doesn't support UEFI. I have confirmed this using the output of dmidecode -t 0, which does not mention UEFI. Running the same command on a PC that does support UEFI yields UEFI is supported at the bottom of the Characteristics section.

I followed this guide for using ZFS as the root file system on Arch. I don't think ZFS is the issue though, because I don't get to the GRUB menu screen, let alone mounting filesystems.

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    dmidecode doesn't yield UEFI identifiers if you weren't booted up with UEFI to begin with. – Shadur Jan 10 at 11:32
  • @Shadur I didn't know that, that's useful information for the future. I did check a different way by installing Ubuntu, which installed GRUB using BIOS, so I reinstalled Arch using that method. – Mutantoe Jan 10 at 13:14

When I reinstalled, I did two things differently:

  • My root partition was supposed to be specified as Solaris Root instead of Linux Filesystem

  • I created a separate /boot directory, with ext4 as the filesystem

One of these fixed my issue, but I'm not sure which.

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