I had a partition that was 650gb and was being used for files on Windows. It had 600gb of data on it. I deleted 300gb of data then resized the partition to 350gb (with 50gb free space). Once it finished, it still shows on the disks app the partition size as 650gb, but now it only had 50gb free space.

When I run df-h /dev/sda2 it shows the size is 326G with used space of 280G and 47G available.

If I open the dos folder and check properties is shows a little under 280G used too.

I want to resize my Linux partition but I don’t know how to fix the error in the disks app for the windows partition.

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    It sounds like you may have resized the filesystem only, leaving the partition the same size. – Emmanuel Rosa Jan 8 at 10:55
  • Hey Emmanuel, thanks for your quick response. In the disks app I selected the partition, selected settings, and selected ‘resize...’ once there, I selected partition size as 350GB with 300GB free space following. What should I do next? Is there a step I missed? – TimmiLatte Jan 8 at 10:59
  • Maybe the kernel still has the old partition table. If this is the case, rebooting may help. Or see serverfault.com/questions/36038/… – Bodo Jan 8 at 11:46
  • It reads like you performed the correct steps, though I don't know what "disks app" you're referring to. Please add the output of lsblk -o NAME,SIZE,FSTYPE,FSSIZE to your question. That will show the partition and filesystem sizes. – Emmanuel Rosa Jan 8 at 12:41

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