man nft has this section:

enter image description here

Do the letters B-L-A stand for something? (I've already ruled out Bla Bla.)

GNU/Linux Debian Stretch 9.6

  • Very likely the result of a formatting error, whatever those letters were meant to represent in the source of the man page. The current online man page has expaneded the "(IPV6) EXTENSION HEADER EXPRESSIONS" paragraph with details, and doesn't contain "BLA". – dirkt Jan 8 at 6:36

I get the impression it doesn’t mean anything; it’s the resulting of formatting

        <title>IPv6 extension header expressions</title>
            IPv6 extension header expressions refer to data from an IPv6 packet's extension headers.

which was introduced in April 2014 and looks like a placeholder.

The text was removed without comment in February 2017.

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