I am using Raspberry Pi to stream movies to my LAN. The movies are mounted using sshfs and streamed with MiniDLNA.

Now the Pi has very slow SD-Card I/O, at iotop I can see minidlna uses <95% I/O speed.

  • Now my Question is, if I could let minidlna run from ramdisk? As it is 'just' streaming it should be possible 'on-the-fly'? I tried to mount sshfs to Ramdisk, but no effects.
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    Don't use sshfs. – Ipor Sircer Jan 8 at 5:03
  • What should i use to mount the remote media directory? The remote directory is in a datacenter not in my LAN – Deetze Jan 8 at 5:05
  • nfs (over vpn) is the best solution. – Ipor Sircer Jan 8 at 5:06
  • No Improvements, it is even slower than before, Disk I/O is higher even at very slow speeds. Changed OpenVPN Server: TCP/UDP, MTU-TEST, Fragment,rcvbuf,sndbuf, fast-io. I couln't get over 2 MB/s, Openvpn Client is i7 Laptop.... CPU Load etc. low, changing Cipher no effects.. This is very frustating – Deetze Jan 10 at 16:21

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