I want graphical applications such as transmission-gtk and Firefox to open up directories with Midnight Commander through new instances of my default terminal emulator running on Debian.

I've noticed that every time I try to open a directory in various X11/GTK applications, they rather turn to my Firefox browser to show the path, and not to my file manager - MC, including Firefox itself.

I don't know what's wrong with my mimes because Midnight Commander is indeed flagged as a FileManager, and it is the only dedicated file manager that's installed on my system.


Keywords=file manager;console;

My mimeinfo.cache is present at the same directory as well, however it has no mention of mc.desktop at all.

How can I set Midnight Commander as my default file manager to be used for opening and browsing filesystem paths? I'm using Linux Debian 10 with X11 but without a desktop environment.

  • I have no used debian in some time, but have you read this article? – number9 Jan 7 at 0:45
  • @number9 I've tried xdg-mime default mc.desktop inode/directory (as mentioned in this article) and now basically GUI apps freeze the moment I try to open any directory through them, and I have to kill them through htop. – David Tamar Jan 7 at 1:46
  • Ugh. I had an issue similar to that with a debian/ubuntu derivative. Truth be told after countless hours of pain, I backed up my home dir and reinstalled and fixed it by using a different method, which is not like me. What happens if you try to default it back to the stock file manager? – number9 Jan 7 at 2:30
  • @number9, Firefox was used as my fallback "file manager" so I set it back to firefox.desktop and now it works just as before, all directories are opened via Firefox. – David Tamar Jan 7 at 4:07

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