Code: -

filesDirName="/C/Users/OM\\ SAI\\ RAM/HelloWorldSagar"
echo ${filesDirName}
echo "cd ${filesDirName}"
cd ${filesDirName}

bash output: -

$ ./files.sh
/C/Users/OM\ SAI\ RAM/HelloWorldSagar
cd /C/Users/OM\ SAI\ RAM/HelloWorldSagar
./files.sh: line 4: cd: too many arguments

Like this:

# No backslash before space needed, as the entire sting is quoted with "
filesDirName="/C/Users/OM SAI RAM/HelloWorldSagar"
# echo allows multiple parameter, so it worked by chance
# You should quote it anyway
echo "${filesDirName}"
echo "cd ${filesDirName}"
# quote the parameter
cd "${filesDirName}"

Rule of thumb: If in doubt, quote the variable.

BTW: Indent your code by 4 spaces, so it is displayed as a code block

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