• Using Linux Mint 19.1 bootable USB

  • Ext4 filesystem

  • Processor 8600k

  • Ram 16gb

  • By default fsarchiver uses zstd compression

Earlier when I used the following two commands, each command individually took maximum 5 minutes to complete.

fsarchiver -v -j6 savefs /backup/backup-fsa/backup01.fsa /dev/sda2
fsarchiver -v -j6 restfs /backup/backup-fsa/backup01.fsa id=0,dest=/dev/sda2

Now, each command takes couple of hours to complete. I noticed that mainly one core and 20% of my ram is used during the process.

Update 1:

Just to make sure, dd works fine. It makes the image fast. So, I do not think there is a hardware bottleneck. I think I am doing something wrong with the command.


Since neither RAM nor CPU are bottomed out the culprit could be related to

  1. having much more data (so that more stuff has to be copied),
  2. the disks themselves (being nearly full or using the same bus for reads and writes after moving hardware around), or
  3. the connection to /backup (if it's a remote filesystem or an external disk accidentally connected to a USB 2 port).
  • Is there a possibility that there is a bug in fsarchiver? Or, are there any params using which I can speed up the process? – blueray Jan 6 at 7:21
  • Sure, have a look in the fsarchiver bug tracker, man fsarchiver or fsarchiver --help. I've not even heard of this tool before. – l0b0 Jan 6 at 7:33

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