I am compiling kernel 4.19 on Ubuntu 14.04 because I have a assignment to add a system call, but when I try to boot this kernel there's a error:

Kernel panic - not syncing: System is deadlocked on memory

Nothing happens after this message appears

boot sequence stop at deadlock error

  1. I have compiled my kernel several times and installed the modules. No errors were shown in the old terminal.
  2. I used GParted to enlarge my /dev/sda1 and I have set up a swap area, all done.
  3. The stock Ubuntu 14.04 kernel boots fine. I can log in and use smoothly.
  4. Commands I used:

    sudo cp /boot/config-**** .config
    sudo make menuconfig               # I did not change anything here
    sudo make -j4
    sudo make modules_install
    sudo make install
  5. For the syscall, I just add a very simple helloworld in the sys.c:

    asmlinkage int sys_mysyscall(int arg){printk("hello %d\n",arg);return 0;}

    and I have added it in the syscalls.h and syscall_64.tbl.

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    Do you mean you patched the kernel, but the patch isn't provided in the question? . by the way. you should check (make help) about make bindeb-pkg it's easier to handle installed kernels then. – A.B Jan 5 at 16:23
  • The helloworld syscall will only show when I reboot successfully and write another function and call it,but now ,I cannot reboot cause of some sort of deadlocked...what I addded in sys.c:asmlinkage int sys_mysyscall(int arg){printk("hello %d\n",arg);return 0;} – wjrforcyber Jan 6 at 1:33

I have solved the problem by changing my memory to 4 G;

I download Ubuntu 18.04,kernel 4.20.1(stable),I didn't change anything and run it again,the same error still showed up so I tried to enlarge my memory again, it works.

I didn't realized it cause I have changed it from 1 G to 2 G before ,but it didn't worked, now everything is correct.


wjrforcyber@wjr:~$ uname -a

it shows:

Linux wjr 4.20.1 #1 SMP Fri Jan 11 20:57:27 CST 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


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