MY version of the macOS is 10.13.6

What I want to do is get a privilege that is higher than the root privilege. The reason I want this is because I would like to create a completely undeletable file/folder. I need something with a "higher than root" privilege so I can write the "Sunlink" flag using chflags. I have tried Single user mode, sudo and SU but every single one of those return an error "Operation not permitted." This implies that I would need a higher permission level than root to make such an operation

CR. also said this in one of his posts (here):

it's also possible to use the container/namespace system to prevent root access. I dont know what the above statement means, so it would be great if someone could also explain that because it could partly be a solution to what I want since I want to make it so it's "Completely" Undeletable. This might be able prevent root/su from removing this file.

I also need a way to make it so you can't use chown or chflags noschg, nouchg, nosunlink.

here are some screenshots

One of the screenshots. Me doing same in SU

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    Have you considered a backup: everything is deletable, with a big enough hammer. – ctrl-alt-delor Jan 4 at 18:41
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    Please post text as text: Some of your users can not read text in pictures. Some just find in annoying. Some want to edit out the 60% irrelevant bits. – ctrl-alt-delor Jan 4 at 18:43
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    I can't fathom why you want this, particularly on a personal desktop (?). That said, have you considered MacOS System Integrity Protection? That is, using a directory like /usr and temporarily disabling SIP to munge it? – JRFerguson Jan 4 at 18:54
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    Once you're root, using sudo won't confer anything extra. – roaima Jan 5 at 13:38
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    Once you got your test file, how do you intend to get rid of it? – nohillside Jan 5 at 15:12