Is there an efficient way to verify a written tar-archive with transformed file names?

Assume I have a file called foo and want to store it in the archive as bar, I would create the archive foobar.tar like so:

$ tar -cf foobar.tar --transform="flags=r;s|foo|bar|" foo
$ tar --list -f foobar.tar 

Now if I add the --verify option, this will result in an error:

$ tar --verify -cf foobar.tar --transform="flags=r;s|foo|bar|" foo
tar: Archive contains transformed file names.
tar: Verification may fail to locate original files.
tar: bar: Warning: Cannot stat: No such file or directory

I have unsuccessfully tried to fall-back on the --compare flag on the already created (and transformed) archive like-so,

$ tar --compare -f foobar.tar --transform="flags=r;s|foo|bar|" foo 
tar: foo: Not found in archive
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

but the --transform flag seems to be ignored. Another idea I had was to create the archive with original file names first, verify it during that step and then apply the transformation afterwards. However, I could not find any flag which tells tar to do in-situ transformations of file names. Here's an example using -u, which did not work (since -u only updates/appends given files).

$ tar --verify -f foobar.tar foo 
$ tar --transform="flags=r;s|foo|bar|" -uf foobar.tar
$ tar --list -f foobar.tar 

I wish to write a program to manipulate the tar-headers manually or to implement my own verification routine. Anyhow, I would prefer sticking with standard UNIX tools. Furthermore, since I am working with very large archives, I want to avoid expensive operations such as generating temporary files.

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