We had to migrate an existing physical Server running SLES to a virtual machine running on ESXi 6.5. The migration was done with VMware vCenter Converter.

All the data was copied without problems - however now the network adapters have new MAC addresses and IPv6 is now enabled on the Host (if this matters...)

Booting and log in is no problem, everything seems to run except the ldap service (openldap).

When the service should be started with service ldap start an error is returned: Starting ldap-serverstartproc: exit status of parent of /usr/liv/openldap/slapd : -1

But when the named file is executed manually, the service is up again: service ldap status returns running.

When I try to get more log files I find with: grep slapd /var/log/messages this error: main: TLS init def ctx failed: -1

And there I am stuck. Searching this error directs at missing permissions. But they are all there, everything was migrated 1-to-1 (files, users, groups, permission, ...).

I think it has to relate to the changing of the MAC Addresses but I don't see how this interfers with TLS certification.

Where should I look at? Where can I find more logging information?

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