I have a development environment with a simple Debian image whilst I also use a Jetware EC2 optimised Debian image for my staging environment.

The Jetware filesystem is mounted under the /jet, hence I have slight changes between my nginx.conf et vhost files, ex:

pid /run/nginx/nginx.pid; vs pid /jet/run/nginx/nginx.pid;

Or also include /jet/etc/nginx/mime.types; vs include /jet/etc/nginx/mime.types;

Is there a server_root directive of sort that I could add to my nginx.conf configuration, to keep the changes between files minimal ?


It turns out that the approach (initiating a "$filesystem_root_dir" variable at the top of the file and assigning it one value per configuration) is:

  • Not allowed (it throws the fatal: nginx: [emerg] "set" directive is not allowed here in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:1)
  • discouraged by the Nginx team:
Variables should not be used as template macros. Variables are evaluated in the run-time during the processing of each request, so they are rather costly compared to plain static configuration. Using variables to store static strings is also a bad idea. Instead, a macro expansion and "include" directives should be used to generate configs more easily and it can be done with the external tools, e.g. sed + make or any other common template mechanism. 


I thought about a template generator but the cost way outweight the gains, so I'll either keep the files slighlty different moving forward.

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