Hi I want to try and convert a message receieved from MQTT into a variable so I can do an "IF script" using messages sent from a certain topic on mqtt.

I tried this at top of script but didn't work:

Message = mosquitto_sub -d -t "test/test"

Thank you

  • The mosquitto_sub command runs indefinitely, right? Are you okay with using an option like -C 5 to disconnect after receiving 5 messages? – Haxiel Jan 3 at 14:24
  • I want it to run in background constantly. I want the script to play a sound if the message is the correct one or if something is received via that topic. – securitytestman Jan 3 at 16:03

If you want the result of the command in a variable you've to write the line between cote character like this :

Message=`mosquitto_sub -d -t "test/test"`

If you want to use the variable in place of the command you should write the line like this :

Message="mosquitto_sub -d -t 'test/test'"

You've to look forward the special character in the bash script

  • unfortunately it didn't work with MQTT I might use node red in the end. – securitytestman Jan 3 at 16:44

Simply execute:

mosquitto_sub -h localhost -t "#"  -C 1  > /var/spool/mosquitto/value

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