I'm trying to create multiple endpoints for my service which is exposed to world through haproxy.

My service is something like http://abcdomain.com/swagger-ui.html hitting this url provide some info by extracting it from elasticsearch DB.

Now I want to expose this service to multiple teams in my company.

But rather than exposing the same url I want to expose it with different url's like for

teamA : http://abcdomain.com/teamA/swagger-ui.html

teamB : http://abcdomain.com/teamB/swagger-ui.html

and so on.

Internally these URL's for different team should hit the backend servers with working URL http://abcdomain.com/swagger-ui.html

So that I can monitor the usage as per different team and can limit the no. of api calls per team (rate limiting).

I saw this question but didn't get much out of it and I don't want to use any other extra tools, want to do it in Haproxy itself.

I was thinking of redirection in haproxy, but it didn't worked out and not sure whether its the right way.

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