Is there any way to emulate a USB camera device (UVC) from my v4l2loopback stream at /dev/video0, so my linux can recognize it as a real USB device?

  • You can emulate USB devices including UVC with gadget drivers and a dummy hcd. There should be plenty of questions for this already on this site, e.g. here. Typically the gadget driver offers another "in" video interface, so you need some kind of explicit loopback. – dirkt Jan 3 at 11:59
  • I'm not a linux expert so I'm looking for some final solution. I checked this post you linked already. I couldn't even compile the uvc-gadget to start testing this solution. If this case won't have some final user solution I'll have to leave this need behind for now. – Lucas Rizzini Jan 3 at 20:01

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