I spend a lot of time to get comfortable working with Vim, and I am there right now, except one thing. Also it look like Vim has advantages in many cases working on embedded programming or kernel development. I feel like I am wasted my time, because the one thing is the copy/paste feature! the feature is so complicated. You would never ever imagine looking at other editors. Every OS (Mac Linux Win) requires custom configuration (it's not set by default). On ssh session is also has to be setup differently. I spend to much time already by trying to tweak some settings. In some case it worked in other not.

Is there universal solution?

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  • Middle mouse click pastes the contents of your clipboard (stored from other applications as well). Or you could paste directly from the specified register: " + * + p – bgregs Jan 2 at 17:57
  • What if I open file in raspberrypi via ssh with vim and I want to copy and paste to my host machine to web browser and search for some thing? Will it work? – Rolas Jan 2 at 18:15
  • Ah, probably not over SSH. However, I found this that talks about forwarding the X11 clipboard to make it work: superuser.com/questions/326871/… – bgregs Jan 2 at 18:25
  • 2
    I don't think Vim itself has to be configured differently, but you have to know how the terminal does copy-and-paste under various conditions. If you could give specific cases, someone may be able to explain how copy-and-paste works in each. Also, I'm assuming you mean copying and pasting into and out of Vim and not within Vim (yanking and pasting). – Kusalananda Jan 2 at 18:41

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