I have a script with case, functions and if statements. Then I want to create an option that when the user press the enter button it starts the script right at the top.

This what I have done:

read -p "Enter to continue" enter


if [[ $enter = "" ]]; then


         echo "Wrong key!"
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    Sounds a bit like a homework assignment... here's a tip for you: you'll probably want to create a loop. It can be an infinite loop with a specific command to break out of it if the user chooses an "exit" option.
    – telcoM
    Jan 2 '19 at 9:59

Bash assumed, simply: exec $0.

  • $0 evaluates to the full script path.
  • exec will launch the script, replacing the current instance with a new one.

When placed after echo "Wrong key!", exec $0 will restart the script, which will prompt for new input.

For exec reference, see bash documentation:

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