I'm trying to build a tcp proxy to my local session dbus daemon. I did

 socat TCP-LISTEN:55556,reuseaddr,fork,range= ABSTRACT-CONNECT:/run/user/1000/bus

However, DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=tcp:host=,port=55556 notify-send hello gives this error

2018/12/31 03:11:56 socat[4316] E connect(5, AF=1 "\0/run/user/1000/bus", 21): Connection refused
2018/12/31 03:11:56 socat[4317] E connect(5, AF=1 "\0/run/user/1000/bus", 21): Connection refused

How can I fix that? I don't care about security issues at all since this is a offline box.


You should verify with ss -xnl that the unix socket is displayed beginning with @ to make it an abstract socket. I'm betting there's no such @. I have two systems running quite different versions. One is listening with abstract sockets with random entries like @/tmp/dbus-QVAhTtSPNB the other is listening with unix (non abstract) sockets with /run/user/1000/bus.

The correct command is probably:

 socat TCP-LISTEN:55556,reuseaddr,fork,range= UNIX-CONNECT:/run/user/1000/bus
  • After switching to UNIX-CONNECT, the dbus request is silently dropped as if there isn't a dbus service available. – Amos Dec 31 '18 at 7:37
  • @Amos Running your setup with my solution, but using dbus-monitor instead of notify-send hello gets me a whole dump of information from to dbus – A.B Dec 31 '18 at 13:56

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