I would like to change audio sample rate in VLC GUI option. Audio samplerate can be 32000Hz,44100Hz, 48000Hz and 96000Hz.These sample rate will be generated by the capture device ( capture device either camera or fpga). However, when VLC try to render it will always render at 48000 instead of 32000Hz,44100Hz and 96000Hz.

For instance, video resolution (1920x1080) can be changed in VLC using Advanced Options(Open VLC==> Ctrl+c or Media ==> Open Capture Device ==> Capture Device ==> Capture Mode (Video Camera) ==> Device Selection select /dev/video0 for Video Device Name and hw:1,0 for Audio Device Name respectively. Click on Advanced Options Video Input Chroma Format as RV24(raw format) Width as 1920 and Height as 1080.


1) How to change the audio sample rate in VLC GUI. This sample rate should be corresponds to audio render device. I think in ubuntu audio render is set to 48000Hz by default. I want to change this using VLC and render with different audio sample rate.

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