I want to insert the contents of file1 into file2 after a matching PATTERN. I want to do it only after the first occurrence of the PATTERN.

I would like to know the modification I need to make to the following command for my needs.

sed -i "/PATTERN/r file1" file2
sed '/PATTERN/{
       r file1
     }' file2

:a, n, ba is just a cycle that printouts the whole file content after the PATTERN till the end. and note, that those 6 lines are just one command, but newline is needed to delimit the next sed command after r, : and b.

additional info from info sed :

     If auto-print is not disabled, print the pattern space, then,
     regardless, replace the pattern space with the next line of input.
     If there is no more input then `sed' exits without processing any
     more commands.

     [No addresses allowed.]

     Specify the location of LABEL for branch commands.  In all other
     respects, a no-op.

     Unconditionally branch to LABEL.  The LABEL may be omitted, in
     which case the next cycle is started.
  • Could you explain what does the label (:a) actually do there and what the value of n is?
    – Gopal
    Sep 25 '12 at 20:58
  • yes. now some explanation is in the answer.
    – rush
    Sep 25 '12 at 21:05

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