"set linenumber" doesn't seem to be working. GNU nano version 2.5.3. LinuxMint 18.02 (old because my Ubuntus -- 17.04 and 18.04 -- are broken.) Is there another way to do it?

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    According to the changelog, the linenumbers option was added in version 2.7.1-1 – steeldriver Dec 28 '18 at 2:07
  • Does askubuntu.com/questions/73444/… help? – Stephen Harris Dec 28 '18 at 2:08
  • No it does not. They suggest exactly that thing that doesn't seem to work. I invite you to read my OP again. I meant ""set linenumber" doesn't work." – Steve Wright Dec 28 '18 at 3:06
  • I have since upgraded my nano to 2.9.3 (thanks to a deb I found for Ubuntu 17.04 online somewhere). I had the installer script keep my edited nanorc, which included the added "set linenumber" as well as an uncommented "set constantshow." Of course all the foregoing were displayed in a nano Without line numbers. – Steve Wright Dec 28 '18 at 3:09
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    AFAIK the option is linenumbers, not linenumber – steeldriver Dec 28 '18 at 3:39

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