For a script performing multiple actions I want to execute certain actions in newly created console tabs.

The current script is like this

qdbus $KONSOLE_DBUS_SERVICE $KONSOLE_DBUS_WINDOW newSession cd ~/git/smo/admin-tool

qdbus $KONSOLE_DBUS_SERVICE $KONSOLE_DBUS_WINDOW newSession cd ~/git/smo/file-server

qdbus $KONSOLE_DBUS_SERVICE $KONSOLE_DBUS_WINDOW newSession cd ~/git/smo/x

This is opening three new console tabs switching to the folder I want to go in each. Within each of the folders I want to perform a different command like ./execute.js. Problem is that if I write this command into the shell script it is executed within the current console tab.

How can I execute something within a newly created tab?

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