I installed ubuntu with dual boot alongside Windows 8. While partitioning I allocated 9.8 GB to the root directory of linux.Now i am short on space with only 700MB space remaining in this root directory. I cannot delete this OS because i have important application and files which run only on the Linux environment. Is there any way i can shift the root directory to another partition(I have an empty 17GB partition /dev/sda12 ) or increase the partition size?

This is how my partitions look like-

enter image description here

The error messgae when i boot into Windows is:

File : \Boot\BCD
Status : 0xc000000e
Info : The boot configuration Data on your PC is missing or contains errors

Let's follow these steps:



Overall Process

  1. Backup you Ubuntu system
  2. Identify UUID of new partition
  3. Modify /etc/fstab to mount new partition
  4. Copy old root (/) to new location /media/new_root
  5. Confirm copy worked
  6. Switch root mount point in /etc/fstab
  7. Remount all entries in the /etc/fstab
  8. Delete the /media/new_root


  1. Identify the UUID of the new partition to use with the command

    sudo blkid
  2. Setup /etc/fstab

    1. sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
    2. cmp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.$(date +%Y-%m-%d)

      Compares the two version

    3. Edit the old /etc/fstab, sudo nano /etc/fstab

      # (identifier)  (location, eg sda5)   (format, eg ext3 or ext4)      (some settings) 
      UUID=????????   /media/new_root    ext          defaults       0       2 

      Replace UUID with the value for /dev/sda12 seen in step1 above

  3. Create that mount point

    sudo mkdir /media/new_root
  4. Mount /dev/sda12on /media/new_root

    sudo mount -a
    1. Copy over /

      sudo rsync -aXS --progress --exclude='/*/.gvfs' /. /media/new_root/.
    2. Check the copying worked

      sudo diff -r / /media/new_root -x ".gvfs/*"
  5. Perform final switch

    1. sudo nano /etc/fstab

      # (identifier)  (location, eg sda5)   (format, eg ext3 or ext4)      (some settings) 
      UUID=????????   /    ext4          defaults       0       2
      • IMPORTANT: Add a # in front of the former entry in the /etc/fstab that was for the root mount i.e. /dev/sda10, please check and make sure you identify it using the UUID value.
  6. Now remount to see if all went well

    1. sudo mount -a
    2. Troubleshoot:

      1. The volume may already be mounted:

        sudo umount /media/new_root
        sudo mount -a
  7. Delete /media/new_root if all goes well.

    sudo rm -rI /media/new_root




  • Ok sorry for being late.First of all thanks.But i have some questions 1.I am mounting the /media/new_root at partition but when i am copying / to /media/new_root wont it go in a end less loop.Like it copies all the contents until it reaches /media, there when it tries to copy /new_root to the partition it is essentially recopying it self. Sorry if i am wrong im not very sound in linux filesystems, I just switched from windows so it is kind of new. – Nobody Jan 1 at 7:00
  • So i ran out of space in that partition, and can I format that again, since i changed fstab to mount sda10 as /. – Nobody Jan 1 at 7:04

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