I'd like to install LPD (Line Printer Daemon) without installing a full CUPS.
LPD alone is much-much-much smaller than CUPS.
It's for Raspbian (Debian on Raspberry).

In Debian, 2 equivalent packages contain the necessary parts for LPD: rlpr and cups-bsd Both contain only 4 executables and the related man pages. But they lack the machinery to run LPQ as a daemon when Linux boot.

Creating myself the systemd service file is easy. But is there an "official" way to run a LPQ daemon?


I suspect you’re looking for LPRng. Installing the lprng package will give you everything you need to run an LP dæmon.

  • I missed this one. I installed the "lpr" package which is smaller/simplier. – Gregory MOUSSAT Dec 27 '18 at 1:26

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