I want to simulate geographic distance, so I need to add delay to each receive/transfer package.
I read that squid could work, however, playing with its configuration haven't given me the right results.

If I'm pinging from my own PC to squid server I'm getting ~0.5 time, it's okay (would prefer ~1 time)
If I'm pinging between servers it's only ~0.255 time

I would be glad to find the optimal solution for bad traffic.

Squid: Version 3.5.12
OS: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

  • VmWare pro/VmWare fusion pro let's you do this, but it is paid – Rui F Ribeiro Dec 24 '18 at 13:35

You can use tc to manually add latency to packages.

There are ready-made packages to emulate wide-area networks including delays, dropped packages etc., e.g. netem.

  • thank you! I'll run tests with it and update – Bar Dec 26 '18 at 8:07

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