I have an external hard-drive for saving all my photos/memories.

I put all the pictures to the folder INTENSO/Handy-Backup/IPhone/DCIM/. Because I resetted my iPhone, I wanted to move all the old pictures in a subdirectory called generation1 and to store the new ones in generation2.

However, when I moved the all files in the folder INTENSO/Handy-Backup/IPhone/DCIM/generation1 shortly afterwards the harddrive got plugged off accidentally.

After replugging it, I just could find the folder generation2. Trying it on Windows I can see both, but generation1 is empty. I still can see the directory with ls -l (see attached screenshot), but it shows me an Input/Output Error. The properties show that the size of the contents is 1,4 GB, but still 71 GB are in usage (generation1 should be around 70GB)

Can anyone give me a hint how to restore these data? ls -l Properties

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    Step 1. Don't do anything with the drive until you have bought a second drive and made a copy of the drive. The data is too valuable. – icarus Dec 23 '18 at 20:56
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    Create a sector-level backup of the drive and play with it. – peterh Dec 24 '18 at 0:29

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