I've installed a printer with a proprietary driver and shared it on the network (with Avahi).

Other computers detect the printer automatically, but can't print because they can't find a matching driver.

Printing with a generic driver works fine (as the sharing computer already has the proprietary driver), but it's not configured automatically.

What can I change on the sharing computer to get other computers to automatically choose a generic driver?

  • The answer to your question is depending on the versions of CUPS you are using. So.... (1) Which OS and which version of CUPS is running on the computer which has the proprietary driver installed (the "print server")? -- (2) Which OS and which version of CUPS is running on the other computers which detect the printer automatically (the "print clients")? – Kurt Pfeifle Dec 22 '18 at 11:35
  • The "print server" is running Debian 9.6 with CUPS 2.2.1. The "print clients" have different versions of CUPS, but if it works with CUPS >= 2.2.7 it would be good enough. – Unrud Dec 22 '18 at 23:12

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