I have noticed that a logoff (log out) from my X user session will kill any tmux session I have initiated, even sessions I had run with sudo tmux and similar commands. I am sure that this formerly did not happen, but some recent change has effected this behavior.

How do I maintain these tmux (or screen) sessions, even after I end my X session?


This "feature" has existed in systemd previously, but the systemd developers decided to effect a change in the default, to enable the setting for termination of child processes upon log out of a session.

You can revert this setting in your logind.conf (/etc/systemd/logind.conf):


You can also run tmux with a systemd-run wrapper like the following:

systemd-run --scope --user tmux

For these systems, you may just want to alias the tmux (or screen) command:

alias tmux="systemd-run --scope --user tmux"
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