What I'm trying to determine is how do you tunnel HTTPS traffic through more than 1 host? Normally what I do when I have to jump through 1 host is the following:

# URL Access Tunnel:
ssh -L 1234:TARGET_SERVER:443 jumphost.foo.com

Then I can connect my browser to and I'm good to go. But now I have a 2nd jumphost I need to tunnel through, but I can't seem to make a similar SSH command work.


Laptop -> Jumphost1 -> Jumphost2 -> Remote_HTTP_Server


Use -J (or ProxyJump ssh_config keyword) to connect first to jumphost1 and then to jumphost2:

 ssh -L 1234:TARGET_SERVER:443 -J jumphost1 jumphost2

You may use N intermediate jumphosts in your ssh chain with

 ssh -L 1234:TARGET_SERVER:443 -J jumphost1,jumphost2,...,jumphostN jumphostN+1

See the OpenSSH Cookbook and the OpenSSH man page for a ProxyJump overview.

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