I cannot mount a DVD, most probably because it is blank, so it contains no filesystem.

Is there a way to be sure that the disk is blank?


Call cdrecord -v -minfo.

If you have more than one CD/DVD/BluRay drive, you need to specify a dev= parameter.

NOTE: the option -minfo (media info) has been introduced 12 years ago, so you need to use a halfway recent cdrecord version to be able to use that option.

See man pages:


A recent version is here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/schilytools/files/ today, the version 2018-12-06 is recent. Just unpack the tar archive and call make inside at top level.

  • Thank you. Would it be -msinfo instead of -minfo? I called the command with -msinfo; could you please tell me which is the relevant field of the output? Among other things, I got: – toliveira Dec 18 '18 at 18:41
  • Beginning DMA speed test. Set CDR_NODMATEST environment variable if device communication breaks or freezes immediately after that. Errno: 5 (Input/output error), read toc scsi sendcmd: no error Sense flags: Blk 0 (not valid) wodim: Cannot read session offset – toliveira Dec 18 '18 at 18:41
  • No, it is -minfo that means media info, while -msinfo means multi session info. BTW: You are not using cdrecord, but a fake command that implements the development state from May 2004. – schily Dec 19 '18 at 10:29
  • @GAD3R So there others that are able to see this problem... Could you please point me to a way how to report this? – schily Dec 19 '18 at 13:13

This worked for me on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic, may need to be tweaked for others:

alias dstat='/lib/udev/cdrom_id -d /dev/dvd 2>&1 | /bin/grep status'

⏵ dstat
hardware reported media status: blank

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