I have a problem with a persistent piece of spam. I keep getting emails from varying source addresses with useless news garbage. I can't block on either address or subject, as they change with every message. The only thing that stays consistent is the friendly name of the sender. ("Breaking News")

Now, I have spamassassin running, and update the filters daily. I've tried writing some rudimentary rules for both spamassassin and the dovecot sieve, with no success. Both of these applications seem to have very obtuse documentation. Despite spending the better part of last week working on this, I still have absolutely zero idea of how to make SA or the sieve actually work on a complex level. I'm not even entirely sure my syntax is correct, or that I'm trying to do something that is possible.

The only thing I've tried putting into production is a simple SA rule, shown below. It's all I could manage with the documentation I could find. It doesn't work.

# .spamassassin/user_prefs
header      PERSONAL_BLACKLIST      From     =~      /breaking.news/i
score       PERSONAL_BLACKLIST      10

I was unable to find sufficient documentation on how to check this particular piece of info in dovecot. I suspect I need to check something using envelope but the documentation linked from the wiki is literally just the RFC.

How can I stop this spam from coming through? Should I be using something other than SA?

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