I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my Laptop wanting to learn Linux. I have some Video Courses in ISO Images; whenever I want to extract files from them, I don't get full names for some reason. I tried to mount it with Furuis ISO Mount Tool but got the same result.

I have to switch to Windows to extract files from the ISO image with full names.


What you're seeing is the automatic mounts that get generated by GUI applications and they seem to take the most conservative mount options: msdos.

So for the moment, continue what you're doing until you come to the mount command in your course and then mount the ISO files manually with an iso9660 file system and UNICODE character set like UTF-8.

From man mount:

Character set to use for converting between 8 bit characters and 16 bit Unicode characters. The default is iso8859-1. Long filenames are stored on disk in Unicode format.

If man mount doesn't make any sense now neither, ignore it until you reach it in your course material and then come back to this.

Note: Hard to remember as it was probably a long time ago, but you're a N00b again: Don't try to run before you can walk... ;-)

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