So this issue is actually occurring between OSX and CentOS. I created an ssh mount using osxfuse:

sshfs [ssh config name]:/remote/location/dir.ec.tory ~/client/location/dir.ec.tory -o follow_symlinks

This had worked, but I imagine there was a timeout of some nature (or the server stopped responding) and the linkage broke. When attempting to unmount (via umount) there were issues:

umount: ~/client/location/dir.ec.tory: not currently mounted

That's not uncommon; however ls -la no longer shows the directory. Even if the there is no connection, the directories would remain after and be mounted on the local file system. I have other directories that point to different paths on the server — these all worked and nothing has changed.

When trying to remount this is the error displayed:

sshfs [ssh config name]:/remote/location/dir.ec.tory ~/client/location/dir.ec.tory -o follow_symlinks
mount_osxfuse: /Users/<name>/SSH/dir.ec.tory: Input/output error

It's odd that ls does not show the directory. Even odder is that tab-completion still worked for the directory. Even trying to remove the directory sudo rm ~/client/location/dir.ec.tory it receives the same Input/output error. If I try to remake the directory (mkdir ~/client/location/dir.ec.tory) it says File exists

Does anyone know why or how I could display the directory again and recover from this error? I've killed all the processes I could find related to ssh asside from the daemon.


Turns out not all processes were terminated. There seemed to be a rogue process not assigned to my account. Revealed by:

ps -ax | grep ssh

Killing the id that belonged to that process must have released something as the directory once again appeared and was re-accessible. I'm not familiar with the terminal/fs enough to know why ls would not discover that directory, but would appreciate any insights some more experienced could divulge.

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