We are currently retiring an old server (Debian wheezy) with Cyrus imapd 2.4 which holds about 15 GB of messages. Most of the messages are located in the #public namespace. We would like to transfer all messages to a new server (Debian stretch) with Cyrus imapd 2.5.

Due to the simplicity of the method, we have decided to use cyradm xfer to achieve this goal. Transferring users' mailboxes went as expected: It was reasonably fast, all flags and permissions have been kept, and so on. Most important, subfolders in a user's mailbox have been transferred recursively.

Given that, we were quite surprised that it did not seem possible to recursively transfer the subfolders which are located in the #public namespace. This is a problem because we have thousands of subfolders there. Using wildcards with cyradm xfer does not work either (in contrast to many of cyradm's other commands).

Could anybody please tell us if we do something wrong or if cyradm xfer is indeed not able to do this? If this is true, we could use imapsync instead, but we would prefer an "original vendor" tool.

  • I always prefered to do a tar.gz of the involved directory tree in my multiple migrations activities, it is not as you are dealing with a migration in a mail server with a complex DB format. Much simpler to migrate files from one server to another. – Rui F Ribeiro Dec 15 '18 at 17:45

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