What type of parameter/flag can I use with the unix find command so that I search executables?

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p.s. If you know of one, I've been looking for a detailed (non-beginner) tutorial/screencast about grep and/or find.


Portably, the following command looks for regular files that are executable by their owner:

find . -perm -700 -type f

With GNU find ≥4.3, you can use -executable instead of -perm -700 to look for files that are executable by you.

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Rather unsurprisingly, -executable. From the man page:

Matches files which are executable and directories which are searchable (in a file name resolution sense). This takes into account access control lists and other permissions artefacts which the -perm test ignores

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Another option is

find /path -perm /u=x,g=x,o=x -type f

It looks through /path, finds user, global and other executables that are regular files.

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