I have a configuration file that some of its lines is like below:

# Mandatory: no
# Range: 0-5
# Default:

I want to change the 3 at DebugLevel to 5 at 2 AM then after for example 2 hours at 4 AM it change back to 3 again. how can I do this? with crontab or script?


You can use sed to change the value at given time with cron:

To change DebugLevel=3 to DebugLevel=5 at 2am every day and then change back DebugLevel=5 to DebugLevel=3 at 4am every day, add following lines to your cron with crontab -e

0 2 * * * sed -i 's/DebugLevel=3/DebugLevel=5/g' file.conf
0 4 * * * sed -i 's/DebugLevel=5/DebugLevel=3/g' file.conf

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