I started using getmail yesterday. Before I used offlineimap to receive messages and sendmail to send them. The documentation says:

reliability: ... does not cause mail loops by doing SMTP injection, and therefore does not require that you run an MTA (like qmail or sendmail) on your host

When I compose an email, the mini-buffer window asks if I want to use the default, and opens Apple Mail with the draft when I click OK.

I could not find a configuration for getmail with SMTP, so I wanted to confirm: do I still need to use an agent like sendmail to send emails over SMTP?

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getmail only gets mail. It does not send mail.

It fetches mail from a variety of different type of mail services and writes the messages directly to a local mail folder or delivers them through an MDA. The text that you quote means that getmail will not inject its messages into the local mail server for delivery.

You do not need to run sendmail or qmail to use getmail.

You do need to run sendmail or qmail, or similar MTA-capable software, to send mail.

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