I have data as below which I want to pass directly to Java main method from shell script at once.

1  firstfile.txt   Success
2  secondfile.txt  Failed
3  thirdfile.txt   Success

I know I can call java as below where var1 and var2 represent just single strings:

java $myJava "$var1" "$var2" 

But is it possible that I pass the data above as arrays to Java?

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You can't pass a Java array from a shell script via the command line. You can pass a list of strings representing an array.

For example,

    '1  firstfile.txt   Success'
    '2  secondfile.txt  Failed'
    '3  thirdfile.txt   Success'

printf "We will pass %d parameters:" ${#a[@]}; printf " '%s'" "${a[@]}"; printf "\n"
java "$myjava" "${a[@]}"

Note that in the We will pass... statement I have added quotes around the strings to mark out the difference between the parameters and their space separated words. The quote marks are not seen by your Java program.

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