I am trying to get a folder name from a stored variable string. When I ran the following

read -d "/" folder < <(echo ${path/\%20/ })
echo "$folder"

I am getting a blank echo $folder. Where am I going wrong, I have tried read -d "/" folder <<< $"(${path/\%20/ })" with no sucess

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  • I get Folder Name. – pLumo Dec 12 '18 at 9:08
  • I just realized I was running it in a script and then doing echo outside the script. That was what was causing the blanks – Bret Joseph Dec 12 '18 at 9:17

Your first command works just fine on Bash 4.4:

$ path="Folder%20Name/Dir/File"
$ read -d "/" folder < <(echo ${path/\%20/ })
$ echo "$folder"
Folder Name

Though using process substitution here is unnecessary, you could just use a here-string instead:

$ read -d "/" folder <<< "${path/\%20/ }"

As for your second command, you're using the localization quoting $"...", which I don't think you need here, and the parenthesis also get added to the string, so you'd get (Folder Name if you did that with the path variable.

(as an aside, if you ever start using Zsh, don't use path as the name of a variable.)

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