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I am using Mac OS terminal (similar to Linux) and trying to find best way to search inside all files on a computer that has extension *.py

What is the best way to achieve this?

I wanted to put 1 keyword for search and quickly show the whole path of these python files are that contain requested keyword in them..

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Try this,

find / -name '*.py' -exec grep -l "keyword" {} \;


  • find / -name '*.py': Find files below / with py extension.
  • -exec grep -l keyword {} \; Within the files found, grep for keyword and output the filename instead of the match -l.

I'm not familiar with Mac OS, but if you have globstar option in your shell, you can use the following:

shopt -s globstar
grep -l keyword /**/*.py
  • I think mac has bash shell (same as Gnu/Linux), but by default not all gnu tools (some are bsd). Your find finds files ending .py (there is no such thing as file-name-extensions, on Unix). – ctrl-alt-delor Dec 11 '18 at 15:54

To look for the string needle in a bunch of Python files in a haystack directory:

$ grep -l 'needle' haystack/*.py

To descend into a directory tree, you could either use grep -R or switch to iterating via find as in the answer from RoVo.

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