My NginX server run into problem just now, when i checked there's am out of memory problem, so i fixed it by increasing memory_limit to 1G, but the error still persist, so i take a look at system process using top

enter image description here

There is 2 process running php and php-fpm, then i kill both of them by using pkill -f php when i accessed the server it response bad server gateway , so i run service php-fpm start and the server become normal again and the out of memory problem disappear for now. When i check the system process again using top there's still php and php-fpm running. when i run which php-fpm,which php,php -v,php-fpm -v : enter image description here

the version is same but the path is different, what is the different between these php and php-fpm , are they the same or what?

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