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I'm using GNU bash, version 4.4.23(1)-release and customized my prompt-look in ~/.bashrc via

PS1="\e[0;36m\\u:\e[m\e[0;32m\\w\e[m $ "

This gives me following look, including a lengthy command passed to bash:

florian:~/Documents $ for file in $(find ~/ -type f); do echo "$file is an awesome file"; done

After first executing this command, then browsing my bash history by once clicking and finally going back to the initial state by clicking , I get stuck with following prompt look

florian:~/Documents $ for file in $(find ~

This means, if I want to cd into the relative directory stuff now, my prompt would look like this:

florian:~/Documents $ for file in $(find ~cd stuff

Has someone faced a similar problem as well? Is this corrupt display caused by my settings in .bashrc or is this maybe related to screen resolution/graphics driver?

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