I'd like to be able to execute the following workflow (that is now manual using both keyboard and mouse) by running a script with arguments in console:

  1. make currently focused window floating (Mod1-Shift-Space)
  2. resize window to given width and height (Mod1-Button3)
  3. move it to a given workspace (Mod1-Shift-[1..n]) dwm calls it applying a tag to the window
  4. position the window at given coordinates (Mod1-Button1)

I know I could probably do this in some other window manager that has a sophisticated IPC implementation. i3 comes to mind. But I'm really not willing to switch away from dwm. Can I do it in vanilla dwm somehow?

  • Not in vanilla, no. And the amount of patching required to achieve this suggests that i3 would be a simpler move. – jasonwryan Dec 15 '18 at 4:28

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