I'm using Debian running on a BeagleBone Black. I have a script which is supposed to execute when the system starts. The script then should run a python script. I add the command to run this script inside /etc/rc.local which is supposed to execute it on startup.

However it is not running when the system starts. I don't know if it never executed or it started to execute and then terminated.

Is it possible to get a log history of processes which ran in the past on Debian so I can know.

  • The best way to facilitate this sort of historical retrospection is for the process to write to a log file, or to have rc.local do so when the script is run. – DopeGhoti Dec 6 '18 at 20:18
  • The most basic debugging technique is to insert simple print/echo statements and see if and when they are executed. Output to a log file if needed. – Kusalananda Dec 6 '18 at 20:24
  • @DopeGhoti Yes i've tried that and it seems that my script is never executed. I thought that by adding commands to rc.local, they get executed aromatically on start-up ? – Engineer999 Dec 6 '18 at 20:41

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