I am using fold to make an array of characters from a string.

arr=($(fold -w1 <<< "$INPUT"))
echo "$arr"
echo "$arr[@]"

I use command ./myProgram 1234 to execute the script.

Expected output: 1 2 3 4

What I get: 1 and 1[@]

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    echo "${arr[@]}" – Ipor Sircer Dec 6 '18 at 17:29

You correctly assigned the output to the array, but your de-referencing needs help:

echo "$arr"

Simply outputs the first element of the array, which is 1.

echo "$arr[@]"

Is missing the curly braces that would tell bash that you want to subscript the array; as-is, it's dereferencing $arr to the first element, as above, and then printing [@].

Instead, use (for example):

printf '%s ' "${arr[@]}"

See the bash manual section on Arrays where it says:

Any element of an array may be referenced using ${name[subscript]}. The braces are required to avoid conflicts with the shell’s filename expansion operators.

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