I have been playing with PureOS installation options (the ultimate goal is to install it dual boot with MacOS on a MacBook Air, but this is out of the scope of this question).

What I would like to see is how this "Boot loader location: Boot Partition (/boot)" option actually works behind the scenes (in particular, how it makes the Mac's bootloader know where the /boot partition is, by "blessing"?):

enter image description here

I thought that digging through the source code of that installer should shed some light on what it does. I therefore went to see what is under the "Source Code" link on their website, but it looks like a packages repo rather than source code:

enter image description here

So, the question is: where is the source code of the PureOS bootloader installer? Am I just missing something obvious, or is it not actually available?

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    It seems there's more code there : tracker.pureos.net/diffusion Otherwise I would say as the Mac probably uses UEFI, so the installer is probably updating the EFI boot loader as you would on a regular PC, by adding an entry using efibootmgr maybe. Dec 6, 2018 at 10:19

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The link provided does indeed point to a package repository, but that package repository also includes all the source code for the packages. All the tarballs contain source code: in the example you show, the various .orig.tar.xz files contain the upstream source, and the .debian.tar.xz files contain the distribution-specific patches applied to them.

PureOS seems to use the Calamares installer framework; this is where the “Boot loader location” selection lives. You’ll find the source code for the PureOS version in the relevant repository, and all the PureOS core source code just above.

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