In myapp.service, I have :


When I do :

$ journalctl -e -u myapp

I can see each line of log contains "myapp[PID]".

I've tried to set up /etc/rsyslog.d/myapp.conf with :

if $msg contains 'myapp' then /opt/myapp/log/myapp.log
& stop


if $programname == 'myapp' then /opt/myapp/log/myapp.log
& stop

Each time checking syntax with "rsyslogd -N1" and restarting rsyslogd.

But log message is not routed, nothing is written in myapp.log

Could it be because of my rsyslog version (8.16) ? or some permission issue ? I've tried to touch the log file but it didn't work.

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It was some permission issues: chmod 666 myapp.log fixed it.

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