I bought this laptop (asus r541u) and comes with win 10 , I've tried install any Linux distro(mint-elementary-ubuntu-fedore ..) but did not accept . I've Searched at YouTube Google and more but no hope ..!

all distro when i want to install it some complete the installation ,but not work and some wait for hours

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  • Please click edit and enhance the original question: a) Which versions of each distro did you try? Desktop or server editions? b) Did you set the installation to put Linux alongside Windows 10? c) What was the result of the attempted installation on each? What did you see on the screen? d) Any error messages? e) What do you see when you try to boot with the newly installed OS? The GRUB menu, the normal Windows launch, or something else? f) Also, please update the question with the real model number from the serial number plate underneath, as there are multiple different Asus R541U PCs. – K7AAY Dec 5 at 22:55

Please go into the BIOS and disable the secure boot options. Make sure that your install media is the first boot method. Also, make sure that your install media is not corrupted by doing a md5sum check and compare the result to the md5sum on the site you got it from. If those match, then try to do the install.

Also, make sure you are using the correct architecture, e.g. 64bit is what that modal takes.

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